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Even if you’ve reached your ideal size, you may still feel self-conscious about the shape of your body. At Lux Aesthetics in Peoria, Arizona, Arvind Mahadevan, MD, and his team offer body sculpting to help you reach your ideal shape and feel comfortable in your own skin. To learn more about body sculpting and find out if you’re a candidate, call Lux Aesthetics or book your appointment online today.

Body Sculpting Q & A

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting is a nonsurgical treatment that allows you to shape your body the way you want. It’s not a weight loss treatment; rather, it helps you reduce the areas of fat and excess skin that are difficult or impossible to lose with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Typically, body sculpting is recommended for patients who are at or near their target weight. As long as you keep up a healthy lifestyle, the results of body sculpting are permanent.

What areas can I target with body sculpting?

Body sculpting is a gentle treatment that you can use to target nearly any part of your body that accumulates fat. The most common areas for body sculpting are:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Double chin

At your consultation, you tell Dr. Mahavedan which areas of your body cause you to cover up and feel uncomfortable. Then, he determines whether or not body sculpting is your best option for treatment.

How does body sculpting work?

There are several types of nonsurgical body sculpting that work similarly to kill your fat cells:


Cryolipolysis uses cold temperatures to freeze and kill your fat cells without harming the cells around them.

Laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis uses the energy from lasers to heat and destroy your fat cells.

Radiofrequency lipolysis

Similar to laser lipolysis, radiofrequency lipolysis uses radiofrequency energy to target, heat, and kill your fat cells.

Injection lipolysis

Typically reserved for double chins only, injection lipolysis uses an injectable medication to target and kill your fat cells.

During the weeks after your treatment, your body’s natural systems reabsorb the dead fat cells from your targeted area. With a few sessions, you’ll have the slim, contoured figure that you’ve been working toward.

What are the benefits of nonsurgical body sculpting?

Compared to liposuction and other surgical fat reduction methods, nonsurgical body sculpting carries little to no risk. In addition to being safer overall, the benefits of body sculpting are:

  • Little or no discomfort
  • No extra time needed for recovery
  • Almost anyone is a candidate
  • The results are permanent

While exploring your treatment options, Dr. Mahadevan gives you a complete list of the benefits of body sculpting treatments. He assesses your medical history and goals with the treatment to decide whether or not you’re a candidate.

If you’d like a slimmer figure with smooth curves, call or book your appointment online at Lux Aesthetics to find out if you’re a candidate for body sculpting.